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Abacus Ark
Anthony Ioannou

"Over the past five years, our partnership with Netflo has been transformative. They’ve revolutionised the way we leverage technology within our nurseries, from setting up Office 365 to providing fully managed and secure phones, tablets, and laptops with our branding for our staff. Their rapid problem-solving abilities continue to impress me.

Netflo’s expertise in the nursery sector is unparalleled, significantly enhancing our operational efficiency."

Bright Little Stars
Amol Devani

"We’ve had a longstanding partnership with Netflo since our company’s inception over a decade ago. We do not view Netflo as an external vendor, instead we consider them an integral part of our team. We consistently receive positive feedback and praise for Netflo from our employees.

Netflo’s contributions extend beyond simple IT support. They’ve helped us establish a companywide IT structure ensuring accessibility and training at all IT proficiency levels — from phones and computers to CCTV and door entry systems. Their commitment to compliance and security is commendable; they safeguard our data, meticulously document access requests streamlining our permissions management.

Year after year, Netflo reviews and enhancement meeting have led to future systems developing and improvements. Most recently, they facilitated a seamless companywide transition to Windows 11. I would not hesitate in recommending then to other companies. They will add value to your business."

Cedar Recruitment
Howard Bentwood

"Netflo have worked for us for over 15 years where they have provided us a full outsourced IT function. They do everything for us from resolving any ad hoc IT issue, buying and fixing any hardware , all the way to helping us integrate a new CRM. They are quick to respond to any request we may have, go above and beyond to keep us up and running and give us complete peace of mind for all things IT related.

In a world where the word “partnership” is readily thrown around, I can unequivocally say that Netflo are the real deal and are a genuine partner to Cedar. We consider them as an integral part of our business and I would wholeheartedly recommend them to any business as a valued IT partner"

Contact 4 Support Services
Anuj Popat

"We’ve been with Netflo for over five years now, and from the very beginning, they’ve brought structure and control to our IT operations. Their recommendations have allowed us to confidently utilise cloud services, knowing that our data is secure and backed up.

Netflo’s team is always responsive, providing rapid answers to any questions we have. They take a proactive approach to working with their customers, which has massively reduced the number of issues we encounter. As a result, our team members can be more productive.

Their assistance with compliance and cybersecurity, including obtaining a Cyber Essentials certification, has given us greater confidence in facing the challenges of data protection and security."

DS Burge & Co
Kieran Burge

A good friend recommended Netflo to me, and I can’t thank them enough. Netflo has meticulously structured our businesses IT, ensuring that all our data is safe and secure. Not only that, but they’ve also identified cost-saving opportunities while enhancing our overall IT setup.

From planning to installation, Netflo handled everything for our new offices. They set up the comms cabinet, installed boardroom conferencing equipment, and even managed security system installations—all seamlessly executed.

Our team now has a reliable partner in Netflo, allowing us to confidently embrace technology and continue growing.

Ramesh Varsani

"Our relationship with Netflo is a true partnership, whereby they are our internal IT function. Jay plays a role to shape, and thereafter the team from Netflo owns the execution of our IT strategy.

We were one of their early customer and we have seen them support our growth through their growth. The Team is very helpful and professional. The founders, Jay and Anil, have done a sterling job in maintaining the “can do” and “exceed expectation” culture, in their growing team.”

Netflo support our global operation, in EMEA, North America and APAC, this has been possible with the team they have in London, because of the alignment of our  values; commitment to exceed expectations, collaboration, open and honest communication, mutual respect and behaving with integrity at all times."

Globe Packaging
Anish Aggarwal

Netflo has been our reliable IT partner for over a decade. During this time, they’ve seamlessly modernised all aspects of our IT infrastructure, ensuring minimal disruption to our team.

Their unwavering commitment and seamless service make them an integral part of our organisation. With Netflo as our trusted partner, I can confidently focus on business growth.

Happy Journey
Jateen Vithlani

"Netflo has been our trusted IT partner since the inception of our first nursery. Their expertise ensured that we were fully equipped with the necessary IT infrastructure to deliver a safe and nuturing experience for our young guests.

They meticulously designed a compliant and secure IT system that seamlessly balances functionality with ease of use. Whenever my team requires assistance, Netflo is consistently responsive and dependable."

IQ Trading
Mitesh Lakhani

For over 8 years, Netflo has been our trusted partner, providing a comprehensive outsourced IT solution. From resolving ad hoc IT issues to ensuring seamless operations, their dedication has been exemplary. Whenever we encounter challenges, they respond promptly and effectively, consistently exceeding our expectations.

Netflo's commitment to keeping us up and running has given us unparalleled peace of mind, knowing that our IT needs are in capable hands. Their proactive approach and personalized service have been instrumental in our success. We highly recommend Netflo to any business seeking reliable IT support.

Joe & Seph's
Adam Sopher

"Netflo has been an invaluable partner for our organisation. Their expertise and dedication have significantly improved our IT infrastructure. Here are some key points that highlight their exceptional services.

Netflo's implementation of Remote Desktop with two-factor authentication (2FA) has been pivotal. It allowed us to seamlessly transition to remote work, enabling our staff worldwide to collaborate effectively. The added security layer ensures peace of mind for our team.

Netflo's deep knowledge in VoIP telephony and Paxton door entry systems has transformed our operations. Their seamless integration of these technologies allows us to manage communication and access control efficiently.

Netflo's comprehensive understanding of Microsoft 365 has empowered us to fully embrace its capabilities. From configuring SharePoint to optimising collaboration tools, they've been instrumental in enhancing our productivity. Their proactive approach ensures we make the most of Microsoft's suite.

Netflo recently assisted us in migrating from Dropbox to SharePoint. This transition not only streamlined our document management but also resulted in significant cost savings. Their strategic guidance and technical proficiency made the process seamless.

Netflo's commitment to innovation, security, and efficiency has made them an indispensable part of our organisation. We highly recommend Netflo to any business seeking reliable and forward-thinking IT solutions"

Positive Aspirations
Richard Norwood

"Our company has had a longstanding partnership with Netflo. As someone passionate about IT, I sought a reliable partner who could help bring my ideas to life while ensuring data security and network integrity.

Netflo consistently impresses with their responsiveness—even when I indicate that an issue isn’t urgent, I receive a prompt reply within minutes. Their advice is thorough, allowing me to fully understand each option and anticipate potential pitfalls.

Given the importance of compliance in our sector, Netflo’s consultancy skills have been invaluable. They keep our business ahead of the curve by expertly managing our Cyber Essentials Plus certification process."

Promet Technologies
Jaymeen Hirani

"We have been with Netflo now for 10 years and from the outset they have been professional, responsive and have provided us with expert advice. I cannot praise Netflo and their team highly enough. They have streamlined and secured our IT, they have made our business improve and more efficient by using Microsoft technologies. We’re able to work fully remotely and also dial into our work machines securely with 2FA. They have also migrated and set us up on our own dedicated telephone system in the cloud, which has allowed us to work from anywhere and have so more functionality than we had before.

Netflo as our IT team provides us with a wealth of experience, expertise and very friendly. Overall we feel we’re in good hands with Netflo looking after our IT."

Ruella James
Ruella Crouch

"We have been using Netflo as for our Technical support for 3 years. As a small business it is important to have a company available who are call anytime, who we can trust and are there to support our Team when they need it. We can not fault Netflo’s service, they have been incredibly supportive, their team are very friendly, knowledgeable and patient.

They helped us move our whole IT infrastructure to a cloud based system, this transition was well managed and has been fantastic for our remote business. "

SEJ Pharma
Mitesh Aggarwal

Embarking on a new business journey is no small feat, and having a reliable IT partner is crucial for success. Netflo has been instrumental in helping me build my business, providing the assurance that our IT needs are expertly handled.

Their swift responsiveness and proactive approach ensure that my team can focus on productivity rather than troubleshooting IT issues. With Netflo as our dependable partner, we’re well-equipped to tackle any IT challenge

TLC Group
Paavan Popat

For over 10 years, Netflo has been our reliable IT partner, enabling us to progress innovation and technological advancement.

Compliance and security are integral to our operations, and Netflo has adeptly guided us through these complexities, ensuring we stay ahead of the curve.

What sets Netflo apart is that we don’t view them as an external company. Their team’s intimate understanding of our business and relationships with our team fosters seamless communication, allowing our team to address IT issues confidently, regardless of their technical expertise.

Netflo’s consultancy service empowers us to make informed decisions, from selecting new products to ensuring smooth implementation.

The Zane Partnership
Mary Fox

"For the past four years, Netflo has been an integral part of our firm’s continuous growth and success. As a small accountancy firm with a team of twelve, we’ve seen firsthand the difference that professional and proactive IT support can make.

Netflo’s team has not only extensive experience but also a forward-thinking approach that has significantly pushed our IT infrastructure forward. Their responsiveness is unparalleled; no matter the challenge, they’ve been there to provide solutions promptly and efficiently.

One of the most transformative changes they’ve implemented for us was the introduction of two-factor authentication (2FA), which has been crucial in facilitating secure remote working for our team. This has allowed us to maintain productivity and ensure data security, regardless of where we are working from.

Moreover, Netflo’s expertise shone brightly during our migration from Dropbox to SharePoint. Their seamless execution of this transition, coupled with the incorporation of a secure client data sharing platform, has greatly enhanced our operational efficiency and data management capabilities.

We are deeply appreciative of the dedication and support provided by Netflo. They are more than just an outsourced service; they are a trusted partner in our journey. We look forward to many more years of collaboration."

Vac Ventures
Rupa Popat

"The Netflo team is exceptional, and their service is truly amazing. They provide a comprehensive IT service, offering support and consultancy across all aspects of my business.

Their expertise and experience give me the confidence to focus on my business while knowing that IT and cybersecurity are being expertly handled."

Vaishnav Sangh of UK
Rio Fernandez

"We have been using Netflo services since 2019. They always go out of their way to solve the issues as soon as possible and also make an effort to explain in the simplest way possible as to what happened, instead of just saying ”Its all sorted”. They audit our infrastructure regularly and always find ways to keep everything simple, secure and most importantly cost effective.

Its great to have that personal touch with Netflo and speak to them like they are part of our organisation. These guys provide fast support and always there when you need them.
I would highly recommend, hands down five stars."

Andrew Wong

"We have been working with Netflo for the past decade, and I couldn’t be happier with their services. Their responsiveness is unparalleled, and their proactive approach to managing our IT needs has been a game-changer for our business. From troubleshooting technical issues to ensuring our systems run smoothly, Netflo consistently delivers top-notch support.

I highly recommend them to any organisation seeking reliable and efficient IT services."