Need IT help for your care home?

Care homes operate around the clock, caring for those who need it most. Yet, many of these facilities suffer from inadequate IT support for care homes.

Too often, these care homes are left with solutions that are generic and inflexible, not tailored to their continuous operational demands.

What you need isn't just any tech support.

You need IT support for care homes that stick around just like your dedicated staff, ensuring that care never sleeps because, frankly, neither do you.

Netflo: Your 24/7 emergency IT

Here’s how Netflo changes the game: We’re not just on call; we’re always there for your emergencies—day, night, and the hours in between.

Specialising in care home operations, we understand that managing health records or ensuring the nurse call system works flawlessly isn’t just a task—it’s essential for safety and efficiency. 

With our hands-on experience in PCS and Access Care Suite, our custom-fit technology solutions work just right for you. 

And because we know the stakes are high, our 24/7 emergency team is committed to a 15-minute response time, ensuring problems are solved before they escalate. 

This isn’t just IT support for care homes; it’s peace of mind, delivered day and night by a team that cares as much as you do.

Regulatory hurdles? Watch us leap!

Let’s face it—compliance isn’t just a box to tick—it’s a puzzle. For care homes, staying on top of regulations is as critical as providing the care residents need. 

Here’s the good news: you handle the care, we handle the compliance.

Think of us as your GPS through the regulatory jungle, from health records safeguarding to GDPR compliance. 

It’s about more than just avoiding penalties—it’s about crafting a space where safety and compliance are as natural as morning meds. 

Our IT support for care homes is here to ensure that compliance checks are on point so you can focus on what really matters: providing top-notch care.

IT support for care homes: That's us!

Imagine an IT support for care homes that evolves with your needs. 

As your care home grows, wouldn't it be great if your IT could anticipate changes rather than just react to them? That's where we step in. 

Whether it's adding a wing to your facility or upgrading your systems to handle more residents, our solutions scale with your ambition. 

We’re talking about smart, agile tech that moves at the pace of your growth, ensuring smooth operations whether you're serving ten residents or a hundred. 

Our promise? To keep you equipped, connected, and effortlessly up-to-date.

Because at Netflo, we believe your technology should be as dynamic and proactive as your care.

Why your care home needs Netflo

Ever wondered how smooth your care home operations could be with the right IT support for care homes?

Partner with us and see how we turn complex IT setups into smooth-running care operations.

Here’s why care homes across England are teaming up with us:

  • Ahead of trouble: We fix glitches before they turn into problems. Yes, like magic, but it's all skill.
  • Tailored just for you: Whether it’s enhancing your medication management or streamlining emergency responses, our services mould to your specific needs.
  • Speedy solutions: We're talking 15-minute response times. Less waiting, more doing.
  • Deep industry know-how: We speak fluent care home tech, from PCS to ENS Nursecall, making us a part of your team, not just a service.

Call us, we’re ready!

Thinking about how to improve your care home’s tech?

With our IT support for care homes, expect swift, skilled support—your IT is sorted in minutes, not hours. 

Let's make those tech troubles a thing of the past, shall we?