Nursery IT headaches got you down?

Walking into your nursery to discover the IT system has crashed is no way to start the day. 

Parents are queuing, staff are stressed, and instead of focusing on the kids, you're fighting tech issues. 

Nurseries like yours face unique IT challenges that standard fixes just can't meet—like secure yet accessible records and reliable, kid-friendly tech.

Traditional IT services often miss these specific needs, leaving you with solutions that don't quite fit—like a square peg in a round hole.

Netflo: Your IT playmate in the game

What if your IT support knew exactly what you needed before you even had to ask? Enter Netflo. 

We get nurseries. That's why our IT solutions are tailor-made to handle everything from the sensitive data of your tiny charges to the nitty-gritty of daily operations. 

Think encrypted child records, glitch-free communication channels, and software that actually makes staff scheduling a breeze.

With us, it’s not just about patching up problems—it’s about crafting an IT environment that grows with you. 

Our proactive support means you’re prepared for anything, from audits to unexpected tech hiccups.

Best compliance support for nurseries

Dealing with compliance and regulations in nurseries is no picnic. Data protection, safety protocols, staff certifications—it's a lot to juggle. 

But what if these worries could disappear, leaving you free to focus on what really matters?

We understand the strict requirements nurseries face. That's why we handle data sensitivity with top-notch security, ensuring your records are safe and compliant. 

Our systems streamline scheduling and staff management, keeping everything running smoothly. With us, you get an IT partner who makes regulatory challenges easy to manage.

We’re experts in the nursery sector, so we know exactly what you need to stay compliant and stress-free.

Experience IT solutions you deserve

Your nursery is unique. Your IT should be too. At Netflo, we provide IT solutions tailored to the specific needs of nurseries. 

Need help with secure data handling or efficient scheduling systems? We’ve got you covered. Adding new staff or expanding your services? No problem. 

Our IT solutions scale with you, ensuring smooth transitions and continuous support. 

Let’s make your tech as reliable as your care for the children. Together, we’ll create a thriving environment where you can focus on what you do best.

Nurture with Netflo’s know-how

Ever felt like technology should be more nurturing? Well, that’s what we thought.

At Netflo, we’ve tailored tech that feels right at home in your nursery. It’s about making life easier, not more complicated.

Here’s the scoop:

  • Data, handled with kid gloves: Your sensitive records are as safe as houses with us.
  • Scheduling, a doodle: With tools like EyLog, we make managing timetables as easy as pie.
  • Staffing, sorted: With tools like Parenta, we are able to keep your team in tip-top shape.
  • Security, steady as a rock: We’re the watchful eyes ensuring everything’s tickety-boo.

With a 99% resolution rate at first response, we’re the silent heroes behind your nursery’s success.

Let’s chat, no strings

Got a minute? Let’s talk tech. With a 15-minute response time, we’re all ears, all the time. 

We are here to help your nursery bloom. So, why not send us a message and let's discuss your unique needs!